Rainobow Jumper

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I always loved finding clothes that make me remember what I used to wear when I was a child.

My mum and dad did quite well. My childhood closet was basically composed of these items: Cortez by Nike, Converse, Superga (in all possible colours), Lois jeans, denim overalls, vichy pattern shirts, Barbours (which I used to hate and now I can’t live without) and of course RAINBOW JUMPERS.

Is it just me or are you also realizing all of these items are totally wearable nowadays? Rainbow jumpers are just a new addition to this always-growing list of childhood items you should re-use. But being realistic, who knew Alessandro Michele (new creative director at Gucci) was planning to bring back this 90’s colourful trend? You probably have no clue when was the last time you saw your old rainbow jumper. Maybe you gave it to that cousin who grew up wearing your old clothes. Or probably you don’t fit in it anymore, which is totally fair enough!

DO NOT PANIC! There are other buying options which happen to be much more affordable than the eye catchy cardigan released by Gucci and being wore by no other than Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad), Alexandra Shulman (British Vogue Editor-in-chief) and Alexa Chung.

Most similar item I found so far is not a jumper but a top from H&M, which I could not resist to buy. There is also a dress version, wore by Mexican blogger Andy Torres (StyleScrapbook)


For the first look I have to admit I got inspired by one of my favorites childhood TV series. Punky Brewster, that 80’s kid, who most certainly was colorblind but was always wearing funny and amazing outfits.

Look 1

Rainbow jumper 1

  1. Ray Ban – Round metal sunglasses (BUY HERE)
  2. TOPSHOP – Metallic foil backpack (BUY HERE)
  3. J.CREW- Stripped shirt (BUY HERE)
  4. TOPSHOP – Patchwork Mom jeans (BUY HERE)
  5. TOPSHOP – High waited mini skirt (BUY HERE)
  6. NIKE – Classic Cortez (BUY HERE)


For the second look I  just illustrated how Alexa Chung bravely decided to combine the two most eccentric pieces of latest Gucci collection together.

For style experts only. Please do not try at home without supervision.

Look 2

rainbow jumper 2

  1. ZARA – High heel backless sandal (BUY HERE)
  2. Gucci – Cardigan (BUY HERE)
  3. Gucci – Metallic pleated skirt (BUY HERE)


So if one morning you wake up not knowing which colour to wear,  you can wear them all and look fantastic!



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