The Perfect Uniform

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Sabina Socol

Most inspirational style Icon of the 70’s, Jane Birkin was the reflection of the perfect tandem between the effortlessly cool British women and the French savoir-faire.

A good pair of blue jeans, cotton top, espadrilles, a straw bag and messy hair with her characteristic bangs was the everyday look of one of the sexiest women who lived on Earth (Get that one Kim!)


This characteristic look will always be extremely inspirational when seeking for a low-key summer outfit, that’s why this summer you can see the most relevant over-the-net Brits and Frenchies seeking for the perfect pair of blue jeans, good quality espadrilles and straw bags with a Mediterranean twist.

I definitely believe this is one of the easiest summer uniforms based on matching good-quality basics that will always be on trend – when buying clothes becomes an investment!


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  1. Réalisation Par – The Cher Rust Spot Top (BUY HERE)
  2. Réalisation Par – The Bianca Navy Star Top (BUY HERE)
  3. Bershka – Floral Print Top with front Knot (BUY HERE)
  4. MANGO – Crop cut-out Top (BUY HERE)
  5. Prism – Venice Cat Eye Acetate Sunglasses (BUY HERE)
  6. Dolce & Gabbana – Cat-eye silver-tone Sunglasses (BUY HERE)
  7. RE/DONE – High Rise Jeans (BUY HERE)
  8. RE/DONE – High Rise Jeans (BUY HERE)
  9. RE/DONE – High Rise Short Jeans (BUY HERE)
  10. Balenciaga – Panier leather-trimmed raffia tote (BUY HERE)
  11. Bembien – Rose Bag (BUY HERE)
  12. Kayu – Coco Straw Bag (BUY HERE)
  13. Rosa Mosa – Lemone Baket Bag (BUY HERE)
  14. Castañer – Carina Espadrille (BUY HERE)
  15. Castañer – Carina Espadrille (BUY HERE)

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